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Dental Referral Form


We have been providing advanced dental referral care to our colleagues’ clients since the 1970’s. Dr. James Libby was one of the founders of veterinary dentistry in the state of Minnesota and Drs Burk and Lehnert have continued in this tradition for many years.

We are respectful of the primary care relationship that exists between referring veterinarians and their clients and patients. We pride ourselves on maintaining that relationship and limit our care to ONLY dental issues when you send us referrals. Questions or problems that arise outside the scope of dentistry are always referred back to you.

Why choose South Hyland for your dental referral destination? Our dental referral clients enjoy the advanced dental care they need in the comfort and personal touch of our locally owned, AAHA Accredited practice. We tailor our comprehensive anesthesia approach to each patient. We are compassionate about clients’ needs and worries about anesthesia and dentistry and are happy to help them help their pets. We have a long history of highly satisfied clients and referring clinics and happy, healthy patients. Our cost structure is more in line with a private clinic than a large referral hospital, which our clients appreciate. We provide a detailed written referral summary promptly with each case.

Confused about a dental case you are working on or are considering referring? We are happy to take your phone calls or emails, to either guide you through what you are working on or to give you cost or treatment information on cases you want to refer.

Upon referral, you may upload the patient record and x-rays through this form, by fax at 952-884-1868 or by email at

Veterinary Dental Referral Form

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    For practitioner use only. Please submit the patient record and all x-ray images by UPLOAD here, by FAX to 952-884-9730 or by EMAIL to