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Pet Insurance

As part of planning for your pet’s health care needs, we strongly recommend pet insurance.

Pet Insurance coverage:

  • Has become a widely available and extremely useful tool for families to help plan for lifetime pet health care.
  • Can be obtained at anytime in your pet’s life.
  • Should be obtained as early as possible to maximize benefits, minimize premiums and decrease or eliminate coverage exclusions.
  • Premiums start as low as $11 per month

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Pet insurance is available from many independent companies.  We have no affiliation with any pet insurance company and encourage you to investigate each company for yourself and see what is a best fit for you and your pet.  Based on our own clinic’s research and client feedback, we do suggest that you look at the coverage options from Trupanion when comparing plans. They offer a variety of coverage plans to meet individual pet and family needs and let you choose your own deductible and limits. You can learn about Trupanion at: 1-800-569-7913

Exotic Pets

Pet insurance for exotic pets, like birds and pocket pets, is only available from VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance). We encourage you to visit VPI’s website or call and speak with them directly for more information about coverage options.

And as always, please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or for brochures.