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Physical Rehab & Massage

RehabMassageAt South Hyland Pet Hospital, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art, comprehensive services for all of our patients’ needs. We are proud to offer services for physical rehabilitation and massage for pets. The importance of these fields is well developed in human medicine and surgery, and is now being incorporated into veterinary medicine. As with our special interest in the field of advanced dentistry, the integration of these services into our practice allows us to provide care not commonly available at all veterinary clinics.

Physical rehabilitation and massage therapy have many uses for veterinary patients, including the following situations:

  • any postoperative orthopedic surgery patients
  • (ex: TPLO, luxating patella repair)
  • any lameness or musculoskeletal injury
  • arthritis
  • intervertebral disc disease
  • certain other neurologic diseases/problems
  • athletes/working dogs (ex: canine officers, field trial dogs, hunting dogs)
  • bone growth diseases in young dogs

Rehabilitation and massage provides the following benefits to animals:

  • faster and more complete recovery from orthopedic surgery or injury
  • maintaining muscle mass and ease of movement for pets with arthritis
  • relaxation of muscles and joints to minimize injury in athletes or working dogs, and minimize recurrence of injury in dogs with history of problems
  • reduction of pain

Our rehabilitation and massage services are tailored to each pet’s individual needs and circumstances. We use combinations of massage, a wide variety of therapeutic exercises and equipment, proprioceptive exercises, and thermo therapy. Programs are designed and implemented by Mary Cothran, C.V.T. and Dr. Nikki Burk, who have both received additional education in these areas.

Animals receiving orthopedic surgery at our clinic are started on a rehabilitation program immediately following surgery, which continues until the pet has recovered. For other rehabilitation needs, an initial consultation is scheduled by our reception staff. At this initial consult, we will determine the problems present for the pet through history and physical exam, describe reasonable treatment goals, and implement a treatment program consisting of clinic visits and home exercises. We accept referrals from other veterinary clinics for these services as well.

Our staff is happy to answer any questions about these services. Pets do not need to be regular patients of South Hyland Pet Hospital to receive rehabilitation and massage therapy, however, an initial consultation must include a comprehensive veterinary exam if the patient is new to us. This is because application of these services can and does relate to the health of the pet’s entire body. Scheduling a massage for pet relaxation only is also available.