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Wellness Plan FAQs

What is a Wellness Plan and how is it different from Pet Insurance?

In human medicine, Medical Insurance provides all-around coverage. It can help to pay for emergency surgery, for your annual physicals and everything in between. In Veterinary medicine, Pet Insurance is used for catastrophic or traumatic injuries like surgery, but usually does not provide coverage for wellness check-ups, vaccinations, routine laboratory testing and so forth. The Wellness Plans at South Hyland are designed to fill that gap. They provide the necessary routine services that pet insurance does not.

How do Wellness Plans work?

Upon enrollment, all of the services included in your pet’s Wellness Plan will be provided free of charge for 12 months. Depending on the plan you choose, this may include examinations, vaccinations, lab testing, nail trims and more. A portion of the total is charged every month.

What’s included in Wellness Plans?

The various plans include comprehensive health maintenance exams, all necessary vaccinations, intestinal fecal parasite tests, heartworm and tick-borne disease tests. Additional medical exams, nail trims, anal gland expressions, complete blood counts, chemistry profiles, thyroid tests, urine analysis, blood pressure measurement and cytology evaluations are part of some plans. Member discounts on preventatives like Heartgard, Frontline, Revolution, Nexgard and Certifect are offered with some plans.

What’s NOT included in Wellness Plans?

Any services or products not explicitly listed in your plan would not be included. Wellness Plans also do not offer catastrophic or traumatic services that are commonly covered by pet insurance.

Do you offer more than one type of Wellness Plan?

Yes we do! We offer a total of eight different plans to choose from; 4 Canine and 4 Feline. The choices are:

  • Basic – providing basic exams, vaccinations and parasite testing
  • Traditional – basic care with additional exams and nail trims, and parasite preventative discounts
  • Senior – for pets over 7, includes additional exams and nail trims, anal gland expression, parasite preventative discounts and important diagnostic testing
  • Premier – multiple exams, nail trims, anal gland expressions, several diagnostic tests, parasite preventative discounts and more

Can I personalize my Wellness Plan?

You can choose from any of the four plans offered for your pet, but individual plan customization is not available at this time.

Why are Wellness Plans important for my pet?

Pet owners want the best care for their pets, but many of us do not budget for regular pet care. By spreading the cost of your annual exam, vaccinations and parasite testing out over the course of the year, your pet is guaranteed to receive timely treatments and care without a large one time expense.

Why does my young, healthy pet need a Wellness Plan?

Every pet, young and old, healthy and unwell, can benefit from South Hyland’s Wellness Plans! They are designed to provide the necessary annual treatments that every pet needs every year.

How much is it?

Pricing is based on the value of the individual services included in your plan.

How do I pay for it?

Payments are made monthly through an automatic draft on your bank account or automated charges on your credit card. There is a 2.45% additional service charge for payments made through credit card.

What happens to unused services on the plan?

Your pet may not need every treatment included in the plan every year. For example, our canine rabies vaccine provides protection for three years but is a listed treatment in every Wellness Plan every year. A canine patient will only receive the rabies vaccination every third year (Plan prices are calculated to reflect this fact). Optional services like Nail Trims that are not used within the plan year are forfeited; they can not be carried over into subsequent years or transferred between pets. This is done to help keep our plan pricing as low as possible.

I have more than one pet; are there discounts offered on multiple plans?

At this time, all of our plans are priced as low as possible; no further discounts can be offered.

Can I get a senior citizen discount on plan fees?

All of our plans are priced as low as possible; no further discounts can be offered.

Can I use a single Wellness Plan for multiple pets?

No, each Wellness Plan sold is associated with an individual pet and must remain so for the term of the plan. This is to ensure that every patient is receiving all of the treatments and care they need.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

You may choose not to renew your plan at the end of the plan term. If you choose to cancel the plan before receiving any services, you will be refunded all payments made up to the date of cancellation. The initial one-time enrollment fee is non-refundable.

If you wish to terminate your plan after receiving some or all services, a cancellation fee will be applied. This fee will be the lesser of:

A) The value of all services provided to date

B) The value of all remaining monthly payments

What if my pet dies or runs away during the plan?

If you lose your pet during the course of the plan, we will work to make things as easy as possible for you. If you have not yet used any of the services in your plan, all of the monthly payments you have made will be refunded to you in full. The initial one-time enrollment fee is non-refundable.

If you have used some or all of the services in your plan, you will be responsible for the lesser of:

A) The value of all services provided to date

B) The value of all remaining monthly payments

What if I can’t keep my pet and he/she is sold or given away to another family?

Unfortunately, the Wellness Plan contract is non-transferable as it exists between the owner at the time of enrollment and South Hyland Pet Hospital only. Normal cancellation policies would apply.

The new owner is welcome to re-enroll the pet for a Wellness Plan, but they must enter into a new contract exclusive to them.

How do I enroll?

It’s easy! All you need is a credit card or bank debit card to enroll. We will help you to choose a plan that’s right for you and your pet and get you started immediately.

Are there discounts for services not included in the plan?

No, although some plans (Traditional, Senior and Premier) offer additional discounts on preventatives.

How do the additional discounts on parasite preventatives work?

Some plans (Traditional, Senior and Premier) offer additional discounts on preventatives. The discount applies only to 12 pack purchases and is not available on single doses. Enrollees may receive the discount on one 12 pack of heartworm preventative and one 12 pack of flea/tick control per enrolled pet per year. Eligible products include Heartgard Plus, Triheart Plus, Revolution, Sentinel, Nexgard, Trifexis, Frontline Plus, Certifect, Vectra 3D, Advantix 2 and/or Soresto (two Soresto collar discounts are available per year, per enrolled pet).

What happens if an automated payment does not go through due to insufficient funds or a problem with my personal accounts?

You will be contacted immediately and given the opportunity to bring your account current. Additional service fees may apply. Payments more than seven days late, or recurring late payments, may result in the termination of your contract.

What vaccines specifically are included for my pet in each plan?

Every plan, regardless of coverage level, includes all vaccinations appropriate for your pet, based on species and current medical practices. If the pet owner has declined a specific vaccination in the past, but wishes their pet to begin receiving it once enrolled in a wellness plan, one necessary booster is included. If the pet owner misses the time window for booster vaccination and the vaccine series must be started again, the pet owner would be responsible for the cost of the additional vaccines. If there are vaccinations included in the plan that you do not wish your pet to receive, you are not required to use them. Vaccines not routinely given to our local clinic patients, such as the canine rattlesnake vaccination, are not available as part of the plan. South Hyland Pet Hospital reserves the right to select which brands of vaccine are used and what booster schedules are needed.

Can I get a refund for unused items from my plan?

No. Our wellness plans are designed and priced as a group, and simply structured to help keep everyone’s costs down. The goal of our wellness plans is to provide your pet with the services he or she may need at the best price and in the easiest manner possible, therefore no reimbursement can be offered for unused portions of the plan.

How do I renew my plan?

Each plan will renew automatically on the anniversary of enrollment. A notice will be sent six weeks prior to that date, reminding you of the upcoming renewal. Clients wishing not to renew their plan must notify us in writing of their intent to cancel a minimum of 30 days prior to the renewal date. See contract for full details.