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Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans available NOW at South Hyland!

In human medicine, Medical Insurance provides all-around coverage. It can help to pay for emergency surgery, annual physicals and everything in between. In Veterinary medicine, Pet Insurance is used for catastrophic or traumatic injuries like emergency surgery, but does not provide coverage for wellness check-ups, vaccinations, routine laboratory testing and so forth. The Wellness Plans at South Hyland are designed to fill that gap by providing those routine services not covered by insurance.

Our wellness plans include comprehensive health maintenance exams, all necessary vaccinations, intestinal fecal parasite tests, heartworm and tick-borne disease tests. Additional medical exams, nail trims, anal gland expressions, complete blood counts, chemistry profiles, thyroid tests, urine analysis, blood pressure measurement and cytology evaluations are part of some plans. Member discounts on preventatives like Heartgard, Frontline, Revolution, Nexgard and Certifect are offered with some plans as well.

Upon enrollment, all of the services included in your pet’s Wellness Plan will be provided at your discretion for 12 months. Depending on the plan you choose, this may include examinations, vaccinations, lab testing, nail trims and more. A portion of the total is charged every month.

Learn more about Canine Plans by clicking here or Feline Plans by clicking here.

Compare plans below and choose the one that’s right for you or click here to read the FAQs.